Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Rainbow Squad (Laskar pelangi)

Buat teman-teman yang ada di Seoul bisa nonton film " LASKAR PELANGI " hari ini rabu tanggal 28 April 2010 Jam 7 .00 waktu korea di...

  • Venue: Joongang Ilbo Building L1, Seosomunno 55, Jung-gu
  • Transportation:
  • Contact: Tel: +82-(0)2-2151-6500 / Fax: +82-(0)2-2151-6590 / E-mail :

Winter Sticks Around

Strong winds ravage Seoul on Tuesday, with wind chill temperatures falling below zero degrees Celsius.

Angin kencang menerpa Seoul pada hari Selasa kemarin dengan suhu dibawah O derajat celcius.

Friday, 23 April 2010

2010 Dream Concert Lineup Revealed

It's one of the hottest k-pop concerts of the year! The 16th annual Dream Concert will be featuring some of the hottest stars, like it does every year. This year's line-up includes two of the most successful comebacks made in 2010: Rain and Lee Hyori. Also included on the recenly finalized list are the Wondergirls, Girls Generation, SS501, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, Afterschool, Kara, U-Kiss, f(x), BEAST,T-ara, MBLAQ, 4minute, Rainbow, ZE:A, Davichi, and F.cuz.

This year's run, titled "I Love You Korea: 2010 Dream Concert", will take place 7 PM on May 22nd at the World Cup Stadium in Sang-am of Seoul.

The Dream Concert has been a yearly event, highly anticipated by local k-pop fans. In fact, up until the 14th annual concert, entrance was free. However, starting from last year, tickets came with a price tag. Fortunately for fans, ticket prices were relatively low. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult for them to get their hands on one.

Also, artists hoping to break into the k-pop industry will see an opportunity of a lifetime through the 2010 Star Stage" portion of the concert. This will be when new artists will get their break to perform for a large crowd, ultimately getting their name out to the masses. For more information on the big event, visit

Turtle ships racing in Cheonggyecheon Stream

Celebrating the 465th anniversary of the birth of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, a Korean naval leader who fought against the Hideyoshi Japanese maritime invasion during the Joseon Dynasty (1592-1598), various events will be held from April 23 to 28.

On Friday April 23, crafted by elementary school students, small turtle ships made of paper, wood or other recycling materials will be floating down the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul. Also, the 30 most creative and well-designed turtle ships will be displayed at the Jung-gu Culture Gallery.

Korean dramas, documentary awarded at Houston Int’l Film Festival

Korean TV dramas, documentaries and animation from the local SBS, KBS and MBC productions won awards at the 43rd Houston International Film & Video Awards, held from Apr. 9 to 18.

Korea’s SBS was the most prolific, winning awards for six of its programs. Two special documentaries: “Choosing Life – Part 1: Eating for 3 Generations,” and “Boys Home Orchestra, Performing Dream,” and an entertainment program “Star Junior Show- Like Father Like Son.” Each won a gold Remi. History drama “The Painter of the Wind,” and mini-documentary “Capture the Moment - What in the World,” received silver and children’s animation “The Little Dinosaur Dooly” won a bronze.

The documentary “Choosing Life – Part 1: Eating for 3 Generations” shows that what we eat can be a switch to activate particular genes in our bodies. It is a vivid account of how the eating habits of your grandparents and parents determine the pattern of those switches which are then passed down to the next generation.

The family program “Boys Home Orchestra: Performing Dream” shed light on abandoned boys at a Youth Detention Center who learn the meaning of love and forgiveness through music and start building up a new dream.

The rediscovery of family is explored in “Star Junior Show: Like Father Like Son,” by showing the lives of parents through the eyes of children. TV celebrities appear with their sons, daughters or nephews to give an honest account of their everyday lives.

“The Painter of the Wind” is a history-inspired drama based on two of the most famous painters of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), Kim Hong-do and Shin Yoon-bok, with the surprising twist that Shin was a woman who dared to barge into the world of man’s art.

“Capture the Moment - What in the World” is composed of light episodes captured on 6mm digital camera. The film crew looks into surprising, shocking, funny or other delightful events that take place in our everyday lives. Witty narration and creative editing also added to the fun.

Dinosaur Dooly, the oldest and one of the most beloved animation characters in Korea is back with a full-length TV series “2009 Little Dinosaur Dooly,” upgraded overall in terms of storyline, soundtrack and other technological elements.

The KBS production, “The Sling Shot” about a man who tried to get back at the world versus a man who tries to take over the world, won recognition for its description of the ugly side of the world run by cash. It took a bronze Remi award.

Daejeon’s MBC receive a platinum Remi award for its two-part documentary “Taean

Oil Spill: The Aftermath” and became the first provincial broadcast in Korea to win such an honor from overseas.

Meanwhile a Korean film “Sex Volunteer” directed by Cho Kyeong-deok’s also won a bronze Remi for its frank portrayal of sexual desires among the disabled.

The annual Houston festival is the one of the three oldest festivals for films and TV series in North America, together with the San Francisco International Film Festival and New Y ork Film Festival.

By Kim Hee-sung Staff Writer

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

[MV HQ ENG SUB]Beast (B2ST / 비스트) - Shock (쇼크) [2nd Mini Album "Shock Of...

Girls Generation Holds First Concert of Asia Tour in Shanghai

The girls of Girls Generation are off to great start on their 1st Asia Tour Concert "Into the New World". They held their first performance that lasted three hours in Shanghai, China on April 17th. This was their first solo concert in China. It was similar to the girls' concert in Seoul last February. They performed many of their hit songs such as "Gee", "Genie", "Kissing You", and "Oh!".

Each of the members really showed off their talents through their own renditions of very popular American songs. For example, Soo-yeong received the crowd's approval for her performance of Britney Spears' "If You Seek Amy". Yoo-ri was joined by SHINee member Min-ho for her performance of Ciara's "1, 2 Step", Yoona was joined by SHINee's Tae-min and Key for her take on "If You Know a Good Person, Hook Me Up" ('좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘’) which was recently covered by Rumblefish. Of course the boys of SHINee also had their moment to shine by performing their hit song "Ring Ding Dong".

Despite the fact that these were Chinese fans, reports indicate that they mastered the art of cheering "like Korean fans" perfectly.

2PM's New Song "Don't Stop Can't Stop" Released Online

Today, April 19th, is a big day for 2PM fans! It marks the official online release of their new single "Don't Stop Can't Stop". After giving a little preview of the song through pictures on the 14th, and a video clip on the 16th, there has been a lot of hype and anticipation for the full release. The offline release date will be on the 22nd.

After churning out hit after hit, such as "10 Out of 10", "Again & Again", and "Heartbeat", fans are looking forward to what kind of new look and theme the boys of 2PM will make a comeback with. Judging from their track record, the boys haven't let their fans down with fresh and experimental concepts and acrobatic moves on stage.

So far, we have a skeleton to work with from the teaser picture and video. The teaser photo showed the boys walking down a small side road on a chilly, lonely-looking night. Black seems to be the trend for male idol groups as well judging from their all-black attire. The teaser video showed a pair of hands playing the piano in the rain. Another image of the six members getting hit by the rain was also shown.

Hari ini, 19 April, adalah hari besar untuk fans 2PM ! menandai dirilisnya single "Don't Stop Can't Stop". Setelah memberikan sedikit preview lagu tersebut melalui gambar pada tanggal 14, dan klip video pada tanggal 16, ada banyak dan antisipasi hype untuk rilis penuh. Tanggal rilis akan offline pada tanggal 22.

Setelah keluarnya hit seperti "10 Out of 10", "Again & Again", dan "Heartbeat", fans menantikan seperti apa tema tampilan terbaru dari 2PM . Dilihat dari jejak rekaman mereka, mereka tidak akan membiarkan para fans mereka kecewa dengan konsep segar dan eksperimental akrobatik di atas panggung.

Sejauh ini, kita memiliki rencana untuk menghasilkan video gambar yang mempesona.
Foto itu menunjukkan anak laki-laki berjalan di sebuah jalan kecil di sisi malam yang dingin dan tampak kesepian. Hitam tampaknya menjadi tren untuk grup idola laki-laki dilihat dari pakaian mereka semua yang berwarna hitam. Teaser video menunjukkan sepasang tangan bermain piano di hujan. Foto lainnya menampilkan enam anggota 2PM dalam hujan.

Visitors to Spring Flower Festivals

Visitors to the Yunjeungno spring flower festival on Yeouido, Seoul are looking at the flowers in bloom and enjoying the spring on Friday, April 16th 2010.

Pengunjung festival bunga musim semi Yunjeungno di Yeouido Seoul melihat dan menikmati bunga-bunga bermekaran pada hari Jumat 16 april 2010.

Friday, 16 April 2010

300 Relics Found in Baekje Stone Pagoda

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage says it has unearthed a large number of relics that date to the seventh century at the Mireuk temple site in Iksan.

Found in the steps of the Baekje Dynasty stone pagoda, the artifacts include offerings to prevent structures from collapsing and to ward off bad luck.

Included in the 300 relics are depictions of Buddha, gold and copper decorations, bronze hair ornaments, gold leaf relics and glass marbles.

The institute plans to conduct an in-depth research project into the relics and a vessel containing sariras and other offerings that was unearthed there in January.

The Mireuk temple was the largest temple of the Baekje Dynasty.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring Comes to Royal Palaces in Seoul

Spring has finally come to Seoul and this is no exception for the royal palaces located in the center of the capital.
Flowers have started to peek out of their buds to catch the warm sunshine of April after the unpredictable chilly weather stood in the way the past few weeks.
At Changdeokgung a palace built in the Joseon Dynasty and designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997 flowers began to bloom on ginger plants, Japanese apricot trees and cherry trees blending perfectly with Korea's traditional and unique architecture.
Although they are not in full blossom many people visited the site to feel and enjoy the warmth and liveliness of spring.

[Interview : Lee Yong-cho, Ansan resident] "We came out to the palace for a change and the weather is so great with the warm sunshine. The flowers that have bloomed here are so beautiful.

[Interview : Randy Rice, Tourist] "We have flowers and things like that in America but we don't have palaces and gardens like this. So it's very unique, very Korean, very different."

Due to frequent rainfall and the relatively low temperatures during March, the blooming of flowers has been delayed two to five days compared to last year.

And cherry blossoms, a big part of spring in Korea and already in full bloom in the southern parts of the country, will be able to be seen in Seoul this week with various festivals and events taking place until May.

In Ind.Sub:

Musim semi akhirnya tiba di Seoul tidak terkecuali di istana kerajaan yang terletak di pusat ibukota.Bunga sudah mulai mengintip keluar dari tunas mereka untuk menangkap sinar matahari April yang hangat setelah cuaca dingin tak terduga beberapa minggu terakhir.Di Changdeokgung sebuah istana yang dibangun pada Dinasti Joseon dan ditetapkan sebagai Situs Warisan Budaya Dunia UNESCO tahun 1997, bunga - bunga mulai bermekaran pada tanaman jahe, pohon aprikot Jepang dan pohon ceri pencampuran sempurna dengan arsitektur tradisional Korea yang unik.Meskipun mereka tidak di mekar penuh banyak orang yang mengunjungi situs ini untuk merasakan dan menikmati kehangatan dan keaktifan musim semi.

[Wawancara: Lee Yong-cho, penduduk] Ansan "Kami datang ke istana untuk perubahan dan cuaca yang begitu besar dengan sinar matahari yang hangat. Bunga-bunga yang mekar di sini begitu indah.

[Wawancara: Randy Rice, Wisata] "Saat ini ada bunga dan hal-hal seperti itu di Amerika, tetapi kami tidak memiliki istana dan taman-taman seperti ini Jadi sangat unik, sangat Korea, sangat berbeda.."
Karena seringnya hujan dan suhu yang relatif rendah selama bulan Maret,maka mekarnya bunga telah tertunda dua sampai lima hari dibandingkan tahun lalu.Dan bunga sakura yang sudah di mekar penuh di bagian selatan negara itu, akan dapat dilihat di Seoul pekan ini dengan berbagai festival dan acara yang berlangsung sampai Mei.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Youngest Member Park Yoon-hwa Leaving T-MAX

Park Yoon-hwa of the group T-MAX personally left a message on the group's official fan cafe site yesterday afternoon, April 5th. After first debuting in 2007 with the single "Blooming", Park has announced his departure from the group that has released hit songs such as "I Love You" ("널 사랑해''), "Why'd You Do That?" ("왜 그랬어"), and "Paradise".

On his posting, Park wrote, "I won't be able to take part in T-MAX's albums. It's not so much of a personal issue...Rather, as you all know, I simply have to answer to the call of my country. I have some personal things I need to attend to which has forced me to say good-bye a bit earlier than expected."

He added, "I'm sorry that I'm leaving despite having worked so hard to prepare for this and before showing you all that I feel I'm capable of. I put a lot of thought into this decision so I ask for your understanding. Although I will not longer be a part of the group, I do ask for your love and support for them. I do hope to return and surprise everyone as a better artist onstage one day. Thank you so much for all of your love and support!"

A T-MAX representative said that due to Park having to serve his mandatory military call, he decided that leaving the group was the best decision for both sides. T-MAX plans on recruiting an additional member to the remaining trio (Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Han-bi) to continue their activities. Their newest album is slated for release this May.

source : KBS World


Tadi malam baru selesai nonton drama seri "God Of Study " ada 16 episode.
Lumayan juga ceritanya..tapi mengikuti ceritanya agak lambat dan sedikit membosankan .
Ceritanya berkisah tentang 5 anak SMA yang digembleng habis-habisan oleh seorang pengacara yang bernama Kang Suk Ho untuk mengikuti ujian masuk ke perguruan tinggi terkenal di Korea.
Disinilah mengalir cerita tentang kerja keras untuk meraih prestasi diselingi dengan kisah latar belakang 5 anak tersebut dan guru-guru pengajar mereka.
Drama ini cocok ditonton oleh mereka-mereka yang mau UAN, sayangnya drama ini beredar setelah para pelajar di Indonesia sudah selesai UAN. Padahal bagus loh ditonton buat referensi mengerjakan soal-soal ujian.

Oh ya..cerita ini diangkat dari Manga Jepang Populer yang berjudul DRAGON ZAKURA

Title: 공부의 신 / Gongbueui Shin / Lord of Study
Chinese Title : 学习之神
Also known as: God of Study
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04 to 2010-Feb-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer who decides to teach a bunch of rebellious students. He promises to get five of them into their most prestigious college in the country.


Kim Soo Ro as Kang Suk Ho
Bae Doo Na as Han Soo Jung
Song Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri
Yoo Seung Ho as Hwang Baek Hyun
Park Ji Yeon as Na Hyun Jung
Go Ah Sung
Lee Hyun Woo as Hong Chan Doo
Lee Chan Ho (이찬호) as Oh Bong Goo
Byun Hee Bong as Cha Ki Bong
Lee Byung Joon
Im Ji Eun as Lee Eun Yoo
Shim Hyung Tak as Jang Young Shik
Park Chil Yong as Ha Sang Kil
Lee Dal Hyung
Im Sung Min as Bae Young Sook
Kim Young Ok as Lee Boon Yi
Bang Eun Hee as Han Ae Shim
Kim Ha Kyoon as Oh Dal Shik
Park Chul Ho
Koo Hye Ryung (구혜령) as Hwang Geum Joo
Kim Mi Ra as Kim Jung Hee
??? as Lee Ye Ji
??? as Sa Do Chul

Production Credits

Director: Yoo Hyun Ki (유현기)
Screenwriter: Yoon Kyung Ah (윤경아)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

TVXQ Fans in Japan Protesting Against Recent Announcement About Stopping of Group

Lagi-lagi berita mengenai TVXQ...lama-lama bosan juga ngikutin perkembangan boy band Korea...heran ya koq pada fanatik banget. Saya sih juga suka tapi kalo sukanya ampe kelewatan kayaknya riya deehh..sekedar mengagumi talenta mereka khan ga pa pa..
Ibaratnya kalo cowok ..pasti semua cowok didunia ini suka kalo ada cewek cantik lewat......sekedar kagum and suka wajar tapi kalo sampe kejar sana sini sampe tu cewek gak merasa nyaman itu baru nggak wajar.
tapi dari masalah mereka, kita dapat belajar banyak. Ternyata dunia Entertainment di Korea segitu rumitnya ya..

Though it's been some time since Dong Bang Shin Ki (or TVXQ) has been able to continue their activities as a group in Korea, the recent announcement TVXQ stopping all activities in Japan as hit the fans there hard. According to Japanese media "Sankei Sports", TVXQ's official fan club "Bigeast" has submitted a petition protesting against this with over 6,000 signs to date.

Due to a lawsuit being filed by three of the five members (Jaejoon, Yoochun, and Junsu) against the group's entertainment company, SM Entertainment, TVXQ had halted all activities in Korea. However, it was only recently, on April 3rd, when such repercussions hit Japan. Avex Japan had posted up a message on TVXQ's official Japanese website stating that, "Tohoshinki will stop/pause all group activities. Please support their solo activities."
Their 30th single, "Toki o Tomete" was their latest song released late last March.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk celebrates his birthday with his members and f(x)

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk celebrated his 24th (in Korean age) birthday with his members and his junior.

I guess the SM Family has a strong bond because these cuties all got together for Eunhyuk’s birthday despite their busy schedules.

Though only Luna of f(x) was there, it shows they are all really close. Shindong uploaded pictures onto his Twitter and got the netizens excited.

In the picture, Eunhyuk looks like he got a cake squished in his face. They all look very casual so it definitely wasn’t a big grand party where only top celebrities got invited. They are quite down to earth I guess.

Luna showed her politeness towards her senior with a handwritten card. Shindong joked, “Luna is so nice. Eunhyuk is thankful. But I guess you made this really fast.”

Oddly, there is a foreigner in the picture as well as someone who seems to be Korean but isn’t a Super Junior member. Maybe this could mean they’re working on a new project such as a comeback? I doubt it though because of the problems with Hangeng and since Kangin has been pretty MIA as well.

Nonetheless, Happy Birthday Eunhyuk!

source : allkpop

Friday, 2 April 2010

Temanku and Jang Hyuk

Aku punya teman waktu SMA dan sekarang kami terhubung lewat jejaring sosial Facebook.
Jadi kita kontek-kontekan lewat Fb.
Nah ...dia ini demen banget ama serial Korea apalagi kalo pemeran alias aktornya kece-kece *) kayak kecebong..hehehe..
Namanya Didot,(padahal nama aslinya pake Rr lho..Raden Roro Dita Irawati) dia sih sama ama aku cuma ibu rumah tangga biasa anaknya juga 3 tapi karena kesenangan kita sama yakni suka ama seri drama korea jadi aku ama dia suka tuker-tukeran informasi.
Nah..(lagi)..sekarang - sekarang ini dia itu lagi suuuukkkkaaaa banget ama aktor korea yang namanya Jang Hyuk...gara-garanya dia nonton seri drama korea yang judulnya ' THANK YOU"
Serial ini sudah lama produk tahun 2007 , aku aja dah lupa-lupa ingat ama jalan ceritanya..jadi waktu dia bilang dia lagi kesengsem banget ama yang namanya Jang Hyuk baru deh otak ini nyari memori filenya...setelah dapat baru deh ketahuan mukanya si Jang Hyuk ini.
Yahh...Jang Hyuk emang lumayan...tapi aku pikir-pikir..koq namanya juga mirip Jang Gen Seuk
wah kalo dia sih idolakuuuuu....sama-sama Jang. And sama gemesin..
nah(again) yang blom tau yang mana itu namanya Jang Hyuk ni dia orangnya

Tapi sayang dia udah punya Istri dan anak...ah birin aja deh emang gw pikirin ???
Aku juga kan punya suami dan anak
selama hanya mengagumi khan it's okey aja khan? tetep suami ku No.1.!
Nah..(lagi dan lagi) senengnya punya teman kayak Dia ini,karena orangya rame and gak cepat tersinggung jadi klo aku bercanda enak aja, ngaliiir aja ..aku senang punya teman kayak begini karena hidup yang udah bete begini jadi enjoy dijalanin.
Harapan aku..pengeeeen banget bisa ketemu sama dia trus pergi sama-sama kulakan kaset DVD ih...bakalan rame kali ya..?! secarakita berdua gokil ama Drama Korea ama cowoknya..And......kalo bisa sih bisa jadi teman yg bisa diajak ke KOREA sono buat tongkrongin muka-mukanya si Handuk itu atau Lee Min Ho ...
Hugf..entah apa kata suami dan anak-anakku kalo kejadian bener..


Innalillahi Wa Inna Lillahi Raji"un
Telah meninggal dunia pada
hari Selasa , 30 Maret 2010
Pukul 09.15 di makassar
Adik kami tercinta
dalam usia 27 tahun
Semoga amal ibadahnya diterima disisi ALLAH SWT

Admiring Artistic Rice Cakes/ Mengagumi Kue Beras Artistik

Onlookers admire various types of rice cake that were on display at an event promoting the globalization of Korean rice cakes and local consumption of rice at Yeouido Park in Seoul on Tuesday March, 30, 2010

in Ind. sub:
Penonton mengagumi berbagai jenis kue beras yang dipamerkan di acara mempromosikan globalisasi kue beras Korea dan konsumsi beras lokal di Yeouido Park di Seoul hari Selasa,
30 maret 2010.

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